Book Review: The Sandman, Vol. 4: Season of Mists by Neil Gaiman

The stories are interesting (and the artwork is nice), but, I don’t know… I failed to appreciate or enjoy them. Also, Gaiman’s theology is confusing. And, why did it take Morpheus 10,000 years to realize that he was wrong for sending his beloved Nada to Hell?

The volume contains 8 chapters.

Destiny, the eldest of the Endless, calls his siblings to a meeting. Something big was about to happen.

Dream realizes that he made a mistake in sending Nada, his former lover who was once a mortal queen of an ancient city, to Hell. So he sets out to save her.

He goes to Hell and discovers that Lucifer has opened Hell’s gates and freed all the demons and the damned souls. Lucifer explains that he is tired of ruling Hell, so he quits, and gives the key to Hell to Morpheus.

Hell becomes empty and Morpheus returns to his realm.

Immediately, the gods, goddesses, fairies, angels and all the other creatures in Gaiman’s universe becomes aware of what happened to Hell, and they express their desire to possess it. Emissaries were sent to Morpheus’ kingdom to ask, bribe and threaten the Dream Lord to hand over the key to them.

Dream manages to get rid of his burden and save Nada.

My Rating: 2/5
Date Read: August 1-2, 2012


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