Sense and Sensibility

I’m finally enjoying Sense and Sensibility. It was very challenging at first. I couldn’t understand what was happening. The narrative was a bit difficult to follow, and I got a few of the characters mixed up. But I got the hang of it eventually, and I’m interested to know what’s going to happen next.


7 thoughts on “Sense and Sensibility

  1. Have you already read Pride and Prejudice? That was my favorite Austen 🙂 Btw, love your profile pic. Lord knows how many women are in love with Colin Firth from his portrayal of Mr. Darcy!

    1. Oh, yes. Pride and Prejudice is also so far my favorite of hers. I totally loved it. I’ve also seen the BBC adaptation, and it was excellent. It totally did justice to the novel. Firth and Ehle were just perfect as Darcy and Lizzy, respectively.

      I plan to re-read Pride and Prejudice after Sense and Sensibility.

      1. Lol that’s great. I plan to watch it again, too, after I’m done with the novel. It will be my third or fourth time, I think. 😀

  2. I have read Pride & Prejudice and Emma, and I found I had to take notes to get the people/relationships straight. I loved them both! Actually, having seen the movie P&P first, I was surprised at how “unromantic” the book was. Did you think that too?

    1. You mean the Hollywood version? 🙂

      Oh, I thought it was very romantic. I loved it. It’s my favorite novel.

      I haven’t yet read Emma. I plan to read Austen’s novels chronologically (according to the year they were published). 🙂

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