Book Review: The Velveteen Rabbit by Margerey Williams Bianco

What a charming short story! I loved it!

It’s about a toy rabbit who becomes real through the power of love. The message is simple yet profound, and it helps to be reminded of this truth once in a while, especially if you are an adult who is jaded by the monotony of life:

People become ‘real’ when they are loved, in the sense that they become more human: more alive and happy.

Do you sometimes feel that you seem “less real”, that you seem to be living an inauthentic kind of life or that life itself seem like a dream? Perhaps it’s a sign that you are not being loved as you should? Perhaps you should open up more and allow people to love you? Do you know someone who seem to be living a zombie kind of existence? Maybe she lacks love? Maybe all she needs is to be loved?

I read this out loud tonight to my wife who was breastfeeding our 3-month old baby boy. The power was out and we had nothing else to do, so I read the ebook from my laptop. The room was very quiet and if not for the candle and the glare of the LCD monitor, it would’ve been totally dark. How nice it would be to read stories like this every night, when there are only candles to light the room and silence all around you.

My Rating: 4/5
Date Read: August 28, 2012


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