Book Review: Mere Christianity (Book 4, Chapter 9: Counting the Cost)

Book 4, Chapter 9: Counting the Cost

Lewis writes that God’s ultimate plan for us is nothing less than perfection. He wants to transform us into perfect beings. Maybe not in this life, but as close as possible to it before we die. Of course, we can always refuse Him. He won’t force us. But if we allow Him, He will perfect us. He is the Potter, we are His clay. He is the Vine Grower, and He will prune us. He is the Blacksmith, and He will pound on us and purify us with fire. He is the Designer, and we are His houses. And because He is God, we can expect that the end-product (namely, us) of all His molding, pruning, pounding, purifying and designing to be utterly beautiful and radiant — in other words, perfect.

It’s such a sobering thought… I am so far away from perfection. I mean, I have only just began to take a few, timid steps to following Jesus seriously. There’s still countless miles and miles I have yet to travel. I also badly need to trust God more. I need to surrender every bit of my self, every aspect of my life, to Him.


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