Book Review: Mere Christianity (Book 4, Chapter 8: Is Christianity Hard or Easy?)

Book 4, Chapter 8: Is Christianity Hard or Easy?

Lewis repeats his point that, as Christians, we only have one job or mission in life, and that is to become “little Christs”. That is what Christianity at bottom is all about. Now, that is in one sense hard and in another sense easy. In a sense, it’s hard because it requires the giving up — the total surrender — of our entire self to Jesus. Jesus wants the whole of us. He wants every bit of us. That experience is a kind of death. That’s why Jesus called it “taking up one’s cross”. It’s hard because it directly opposes what our ego wants — ease, comfort, money, power, pleasure, etc. But we must do it. Otherwise, we will pine away and die a spiritual death. In another sense, it’s easy because Jesus will take over us. His graces will flow through us and He will place His Will within is, so that it will be He who will work through us.

I agree. That’s why at the heart of Christianity, we see Jesus crucified. The Christian way is all about self-denial and suffering. It’s all about following Christ’s way of the cross. We can expect there to be lots of trials and pains along our path to God.

But, it all becomes easier eventually, because Jesus takes upon Himself our burdens and troubles, our worries and concerns, our hurts and disappointments, and all the other emotional, psychological and spiritual baggage we have amassed for ourselves as we lived our lives away from God. He carries our burdens for us, takes our hand, and leads us, so our path is clearer for us, our hearts and minds are lightened, and we are at peace and joyful.


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