Book Review: Mere Christianity (Book 4, Chapter 6: Two Notes)

Book 4, Chapter 6: Two Notes

Lewis clarifies two points from the previous chapter: (1) God did not beget many sons from the very beginning for a reason. What He did was that He gave Man the opportunity to become His sons. However, Man misused the free will that God gave him. God gave him free will because He wants him to freely choose his actions. Without free will, genuine love is not possible. Also, it seems impossible for there to be more than one Son in the Holy Trinity. Several Sons are possible only if there’s space and matter, because each Son would have to be different from the others in terms of His shape, location, etc. But then, the Holy Trinity has always existed; it existed prior to the universe. Thus, there’s only one Son. (2) Although humanity is just, in a sense, one organism (like a tree), each of its individual members are still important. In the Christian community or Church, each member belongs to the same body, and each plays a different but significant role.


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