Book Review: Mere Christianity (Book 3, Chapter 12: Faith (2))

Book 3, Chapter 12: Faith (2)

In the previous chapter, Lewis talked about faith as trusting in God. In this chapter, he expounds on it further. He says that actually, Christian faith is much deeper than simply trusting in God (It is trusting in God, but it’s also more than that). What we eventually realize when we trust in God is that, no matter how hard we try to live moral lives, no matter how hard we try to practice the virtues, we are really not good (we always fall short of becoming perfectly good: i.e., we give in to temptations and fall into sin) — we find out that we inevitably fail, and we get frustrated. In short, we discover that, truly, no one is good except God. It is at this exact point that faith, that deeper kind of trust in God that Lewis talks about, becomes relevant. At this point, we are called, as Christians, to surrender our all to God. He wants our everything. He wants to take over our lives. Because what He actually wants is particular kinds of men and women — men and women who have a Christ-like character. He wants to work in and through us in order to transform us and mold us into persons like Himself. That is what is meant by becoming “Sons and Daughters” of God.

This is truly a profound book. Someone once said that this book is a bit deceptive because it is written in simple language yet the author’s message is quite deep, especially if you’re not familiar with Christian theology. I struggled to understand many of the chapters. But at least I was able to have an inkling of what Lewis was getting at.

I agree with him. Faith in God is a deep kind of trust, because it requires absolute surrender to Him. It’s definitely terrifying, because we normally wish to take control of our lives — we don’t like losing our grip on things. But God wants to have complete sovereignty over every aspect of our lives. He wants us to give our life to Him, so that He can change and transform us into the persons He created us to be. He wants us to be more like Himself — more like Jesus.


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