Book Review: Mere Christianity (Book 1, Chapter 5: We Have Cause to be Uneasy)

Book 1, Chapter 5: We Have Cause to be Uneasy

Lewis says that we have reason to be disturbed, because the truth is that there exists a Moral Law and there is a Mind behind this Law who expects us to behave in certain ways, but that we all have fallen short of His expectations. In short, we’re in trouble!

Lewis also explains that he has only reached a generic kind of theism in his argument so far, and not yet Christian Theism. But understanding theism is crucial in understanding Christianity. Christianity won’t make sense if you won’t first acknowledge that there is really such a thing as a Moral Law, that there is a Mind behind this Law, and that we all have fallen short in observing this Law. Christianity implies belief in God, the Moral Law, the reality of sin, and the promise of forgiveness of sins.

I agree. We really do have a reason to feel uncomfortable. This Mind, being the source of the Moral Law, must be perfectly good and just. We, however, are imperfect. Therefore, we are under his judgment.

Christianity is really a very reasonable worldview to hold because it makes sense of the facts of our experience – the existence of moral laws, the reality of a Moral Law-Giver, and the reality of sin. And it is also beautiful and powerful because it offers us a solution to the problem of sin.

But one thing that I didn’t understand very much is that Lewis seems to think that a mind is not necessarily a person. A mind is an entity that essentially thinks, right? I believe that if an entity can think, it is necessarily a person because a person has the properties of self-awareness and intelligence.


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